Tim's MASSIVE links 
- Club/Disco Services

Knight Fantastic - Surrey based disco company - featuring top DJs including Neil Long (Capital FM, Radio Jackie, Essex FM etc)

The Wedding Disco - Essex FM DJ Pete Chapman's Wedding Entertainment Service

- Radio stations / directories & media sites

Heart Essex - the home of Martin & Su, Heart replaced Essex FM in 2009, most shows outside of breakfast & drive are national & are beamed in from London, music is a mix of oldies along with a few recent hits.

UK Radio feeds - Listen live to loads of radio stations on the net - in various streaming audio formats, excellent site run by Vinnie Lo

Southend Hospital Radio - where I started (previously Thameside Radio) excellent and long established HR station with a new look site

Radio Caroline - Aye Aye Captain!  Shiver me timbers!  The salty old seadogs are still around, so respect is due

Dream 100 - North Essex radio station based in Colchester currently owned by 'Media Aspect Local', Dom Atkins recently returned as breakfast host

Radio Essex - Southend Radio & Chelmsford Radio combined to form Radio Essex in 2015, format is mainly classic hits  

Media UK Radio Directory - great source for radio station details & industry news.

Ofcom - UK broadcasting regulator (replaced the 'Radio Authority').  The Complaints Bulletin is often a good read!

RAJAR - radio audience figures, is anybody listening?  Check here for full top line figures, with history for comparison

Digital Spy - Latest entertainment news and gossip

Z100 - New York's Number 1 Hit Music Station with Elvis Duran in the morning

Live-Radio.net - Live radio streams from around the world (this link takes you straight to US feeds)

Radio Earth - Great site for radio people, run by Corey Dietz (read his book 'The Cash Cage', it's brilliant!)

New York Radio Guide - New York radio stations & news 

The Stream Centre - American radio web streams, excellent selection, no registration needed

Saint FM - Community radio station for Maldon and the surrounding area in Essex, decent signal across Essex on 94.7FM

Phoenix FM - Community radio for Brentwood and Billericay on 98FM, includes Steve Robertson anchoring sport coverage

The Radio Academy - dedicated to the encouragement, recognition and promotion of excellence in UK broadcasting and audio production

Radiofail - when radio goes wrong

Aircheckdownloads - scoped airchecks from the UK & US, regular updates

Heartbeat FM - a great mix of quality shows & non stop music sweeps of your favourite love songs

   All Hit Radio - internet station from Essex, launched Aug 2013 with Neil Andrews

   Actual Radio - the greatest hits of all time 24 hours a day 7 days a week

- Radio People

Dan O'Day - loads of interesting stuff for radio jocks

Brooksie - Chris Brooks' site, former Essex FM & Capital jock

Pete Sipple - make sure you check out his Essex Radio nostalgia (with some great audio)

Steve Robertson - now back on the radio on Phoenix FM

Bob Le-Roi - check out 'One Subject...' for Bob's comment and opinion on the state of UK radio

Pete Chapman - ex-Essex FM late night radio presenter & now a top club/disco DJ

David Baker - David presented Drive at Classic Gold Breeze and most recently hosted breakfast at Radio Pembrokeshire in Wales

Moyles World - a Chris Moyles tribute site, lots of downloads

Dan Mills - Essex FM mix DJ (as heard on the legendary and much missed 'Club Essex' on Saturday nights), also appeared on Mercury FM, recently hosted a club show on Phoenix FM and regularly DJs in local clubs

Mike Porter - Essex based radio presenter & club DJ - and author

John Leech - the legend that is Leechy, now on Time FM in Romford hosting the drive show and also appears regularly on BBC Essex

Nick Abbot - a truly brilliant phone in jock.  This is a fan site with links to lots of Nick Abott stuff/audio etc

Howard Stern - American radio superstar

Dan O'Day's radio blog - US consultant Dan's new blog discussing radio

Grant Goddard Radio Blog - independent radio broadcasting analyst based in London

The Infinite Dial - interesting articles from Edison Research about radio & other audio entertainment

James Cridland's Blog - interesting thoughts from a 'radio futurologist'

Paul Easton's Blog - great comments from a radio consultant

Brian McColl's Blog - thoughts from BMAC Media

Matt Deegan's Blog - views on the radio industry

One Golden Square - Blog from the home of Absolute Radio

Dave Gowland - radio presenter on Saint FM & professional mobile DJ

Paul Dakeyne - DJ & producer, he's the guy who created the DMC's epic Sputmix in the 80s, lots of downloads here

- Jingles & Audio Production
Jingle Mad - for people into radio jingles! Free registration required.

Dave Glass - stimulating listeners' ears with imaging, production and comedy 

Airforce Blog - comments on commercial production

- Other entertainment related sites

Pick of the Continuity Announcements - part of the excellent MHP website

DVD Times - more cool DVD stuff (the forums are good)

Ain't It Cool News - Latest insider film news and gossip, the site the film industry loves to hate!

DMC World - the home of Disco Mix Club, the original DJ only remix & pre-release service

Mastermix - the home of the other big DJ remix and promo service

Promo Only - another good source of new & pre-release music for working DJs

Every Hit - A brilliant hit music database

Tabloid Frenzy (check out today's papers online)

The Mirror - check out Victor Lewis Smith, always funny

Daily Star - Oooh Arr, Daily Star!  See also MegaStar

Daily Mail - Online version of The Daily Mail (UK tabloid)

Express Online - Headlines from the Daily & Sunday Express

The Independent - online version of the paper

The People - Sunday tabloid

Radio Industry News, chat etc

Radio Today - industry news and comment

The Radio Magazine - trade mag

Media Guardian - radio industry & other media news

Also see Media UK listed above (good for news and the forums are now back for registered industry users)

Radio Show Prep - useful info sources

Preplinks - good for music news & odd stories

Anorak - entertaining news site, always good for a giggle - some funny stuff on there

FM Jock - home of the famous Bitz 'n' Pieces daily prep subscription service

This Day In Music - No1s from 5 years ago etc, pop facts

Popbitch - be very careful if you plan to use this stuff on air, much of it tends to be true, but you never know!

Celebrity Palace - Entertainment gossip, takes you straight to the latest talking points

Holy Moly - celebrity gossip that names names!

Free speech / Anti-censorship / Pro-Privacy

PGP International - don't want other people reading your e-mail?  Then encrypt it with PGP, find out about and download military grade encryption here!  It's completely free & is really useful if you want to make it a lot more difficult for the state to read your e-mail

British Board of Film Censors - useful film database & cuts info

No2ID - The campaign against being forced to buy and carry an ID card.  Remember - branding cattle is for the benefit of the farmer


Deathclock - just for fun, see how long you've got left to live!

The Editing Room - abridged movie scripts, funny!

B3TA - they love the web!  Odd pictures, articles, links etc

Rathergood.com - more funny web stuff - you must see & hear the Destiny's Child production

Viz - home of the comic that's not for kids

Ebola Monkey Man - if you ever receive '419 Scam' e-mails asking you to help transfer money from abroad (and who doesn't!) here's a great way to deal with them, by the way - don't send any money, ever!

I Used To Believe - a collection of ideas that adults used to believe when they were kids

Other People's Photos - Lots of people have digital cameras now and store their photos on their computer, sometimes when they connect to the internet they accidentally share their pictures with the world, here are some of them, it's strangely compelling!

Internet / E-mail / Communication / PC Security tools

Altavista translations - want to translate something into another language?  This is the place, a bit rough sometimes but does the trick

BT phone directory - UK phone numbers available here, a lot cheaper than calling 118 whatever, as it's free!

Fax Your MP - does what it says!  Enter your postcode, write your message and it'll be faxed direct to your MP

Mail2Web - pick up your e-mail from anywhere, free

Web Archive - amazingly this site allows you to access old versions of web sites, try it out - it's dead clever

Mailwasher - excellent utility for blocking/bouncing spam and other unwanted e-mail

Spybot Search and Destroy - if you're not careful when you surf the net your PC can become infested with Spyware which tracks your movements on the web for marketing purposes....or worse, most anti virus programs won't spot it, it sounds really scary because it is!  This excellent free utility will find and remove it from your computer (free online updates as well)

AVG Anti Virus - Free virus protection with online updates to block the latest computer viruses

Send This File - an easy free way to send large files across the web without overloading your e-mail

Misc - useful and interesting stuff on the web

Friends Reunited - still the best place to find old school friends

Rip Off Britain - we're living in it!   Names & shames expensive retailers & suggests alternatives

Airsafe.com - flying somewhere?  Check out the crash statistics for the airline you're flying with!  Nice.

UK National Lottery - see if you've won anything (remember it's around 14 million to one against hitting the jackpot) but you never know...

Hoax reference point - are you sick of SPAM?  Get lots of junk e-mails warning of new viruses or offering bonkers money making schemes.  99% are pants.  This is a good place to check them out

Money Saving Expert - Companies try to screw us for profits, Money Saving Expert shows you how to screw them right back

Snopes - the ultimate guide to urban legends

Local Info (if you're in Essex is!)

This Is Essex - good local news source

Interesting Stuff to Think About

David Icke - Is he off his bike?  The site of the former footballer & TV presenter.  Mentalist or a visionary?  You decide, but however you look at it, there's some seriously off the wall stuff on here, like the whole reptile thing

Cyberdespot.com - The Enlightened Despot, probably not suitable for everyone, questions religion in a comical way.  

Throne Out - in favour of democracy in the UK, mind you if we get Queen Chelsea that would be nice!  So, where in line to the throne is Babs Windsor then?

Operation Clambake - the fight against the Church of Scientology (cult) on the net

Mark Thomas - taking comedy seriously

Michael Moore - author of 'Dude, Where's My Country?' and maker of the film 'Bowling For Columbine' & 'Fahrenheit 911'

Richard Dawkins - scientist and author of 'The God Delusion'

Derren Brown - amazing illusionist, although the lottery prediction thing was a bit rubbish

James Randi Educational Foundation - magician and skeptic debunks psychics, medical frauds, televangelists, and the supernatural in general

More coming soon - know a cool site?  Suggestions are always welcome
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