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The trivia competition has recently returned to 'Sunday Breakfast', here are some examples of past questions...

Previous questions and answers from 23 June 2003 onwards -

  • Q   There are approx 320,000 of these in the world, what are they?
    A   Icebergs
    (answered 22 June 2003)
  • Q   57% of people think that which long running TV show should not return for another series?
    A   Friends
    (answered 28 June 2003)
  • Q   Every year in the UK, 4 people die doing this, what is it?
    A   Putting on their trousers
    (answered 13 July 2003)
  • Q  1 in 4 under 25 year olds are actively trying to do what?
    A   Find a new job
    (answered 19 July 2003)
  • Q   62% of people think that although these are free, you should be made to pay for them?
    A   Supermarket carrier bags
    (answered 20 July 2003)
  • Q   Only 1 in 4 women do this every week, what is it?
    A    Exercise (for more than 30 minutes)
    (answered 2 August 2003)
  • Q    People in the UK spend more than 60 million a year on this, what is it?
    A    Mobile phone ringtones
    (answered 16 August 2003)
  • Q    Women do this twice as often as men?
    A    Blink
    (answered 17 August 2003)
  • Q    More people are allergic to this than any other type of food, what is it?
    A    Cow's milk
    (answered 23 August 2003)
  • Q    According to a recent survey, this woman is the most powerful celebrity in the world, who is she?
    A    Jennifer Aniston
    (answered 7 October 2003)
  • Q    Recent research has shown that office workers in the UK do this around 15,000 times an hour, what is it?
    A    Call premium rate phone lines
    (answered 28 December 2003)
  • Q    1 in 10 people admit to doing this on a Monday morning, what is it?
    A    Lie about what they did at the weekend
    (answered 25 January 2004)
  • Q    Over a third of 15 to 25 year olds think this will happen within the next 5 years, what is it?
    A    CDs will be discontinued and replaced with MP3s/Ipods etc
    (answered 21 Feb 2004)
  • Q    This type of (minor) accident happens approx 5 million times a week, what is it?
    A    Spilling drink over computer keyboard
    (answered 27 March 2004)
  • Q    59% of women would like to change this about their partner, what is it?
    A    Their face!
    (answered 11 April 2004)
  • Q    Doing this makes your brain physically larger (according to scientists), what is it? 
    A    Juggling
    (answered 24 April 2004)
  • Q    13% of men have tried this, but it's something that usually only women do?
    A    Tried on a bra
    (answered 9 May 2004)
  • Q    11% of men wouldn't go out with a woman who had this characteristic?
    A    Red hair
    (answered 15 May 2004)
  • Q    On average people spend 7 minutes a day doing this?
    A    Getting to sleep
    (answered 16 May 2004)
  • Q    This trend was started by women but now 1 in 3 people who have this done are men?
    A    Botox injections
    (answered 23 May 2004)
  • Q    The average British adult consumed 228 of these last year?
    A    Pints of beer
    (answered 13 June 2004)
  • Q    In Russia it's considered very rude to do this when entering or leaving a house?
    A    Shaking hands
    (answered July 2004)

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